Yes and No

Growing up, I said "Yes" to everything that comes my way. Every opportunity, every offer, every introduction, every meeting, every invitation, every event, every employment, every phone call, every book, every school of thoughts, every request. This approach has taken me far. My life exposure, LinkedIn work profile as well as my liberality to the diversity of ideas to has significantly increased as a result. 

"This, too, shall pass" - A Brexit story

It was 4:32 am on Friday 24-June-2016 when Southampton has just declared for Leave. Although there were a few more counties to go, the result had now been apparent. The Prime Minister looked out through the bright glass window from his office, only to find the street behind 10 Downing Street busier than usual. Unlike an average day where only some joggers were in sight, the street was rather occupied with people and vehicles rushing toward the City of London for a work day that many would remember vividly.

I am not …. enough

Five years ago, as a high school senior, I was applying to read Economics at universities in the UK. Even with the predicted grade of A*A*A*A A for Further Maths, Maths, Chemistry, Economics and Physics, a senior leadership position in the school Student Union, a 8.5/9 score in IELTS and two medals in mathematics competitions, I did not dare to apply to Cambridge. 

I did not even attempt to apply to Cambridge because I thought I was not good enough. 


My Three Principles

Toan – the founder of “How I got my job in the US” - reached out to me as he once stumbled upon my website. I have been immensely impressed by the inspirational stories featured on the site. To continue the youthful fire of the dream-chasers across the globe, here is mine.