How to Dress - The Ultimate Bible to Work Wear

How to Dress - The Ultimate Bible to Work Wear

Six years ago in 2010, a guide published by UBS on how their bankers should dress took the internet by storm. Taken by the public outrages, UBS took it down shortly after. Despite being heavily criticised as it was, as a clueless undergraduate back then, I found this guide tremendously helpful in setting the standard of my appearance. I managed to save the PDF of the guide before it was taken down, and would like to share it with you in preparation for the recruiting / internship seasons to come. The below highlights are what I find particularly true for females among the detailed rules in the guide. I have made the guide available for free download below.

Clothes make the man or woman, as the saying goes. People are primarily influenced by visual stimuli. The color anthracite emits competence, warmth and seriousness; the perfection in a person’s appearance to the outside world can create an atmosphere of internal tranquility and security.

On wearing suit jacket:

  • Always leave the jacket unbuttoned if you are wearing a camisole, a waistcoat or a pullover.
  • When you are wearing a jacket without a waistcoat, camisole or pullover the buttons are to be closed; when seated they are to be open.

On wearing blouses: 

  • A blouse is to be tucked inside your trousers or skirt; the neckline must be in keeping with the business environment (the width of a hand below the collarbone).

On wearing heels:

  • You can make your shoes more comfortable, above all on a hard floor, by inserting “party feet” silicone insoles.

On wearing belts:

  • You must always wear a belt, because without one you will not look fully dressed.

On make-up for work:

  • Make-up helps women to appear more competent; lightly and carefully applied daytime make-up in the form of a foundation cream, mascara and the discrete application of a lipstick […] will enhance the impression you make and are thus very important.

On handcare:

  • Hands that have not been cared for, or peeling or chipped nail varnish, create a clear impression of negligence regarding one’s personal appearance.

On haircare:

  • Your hairstyle must take into consideration the answers to these important questions:
  1. What style best suits a person of my age?
  2. How much time have I got every morning to do my hair?
  3. What is the best hairstyle for me in view of the quality and amount of hair I have?
  4. What is the overall proportion?
  5. What shape is my face and how would I best describe my features?
  • If you try to style your hair against its natural state (if, for example, your hair is curly and you use a hair iron to straighten it, because the latest fashion is for straight hair), you will end up with a lot of stress. And a style that has given you so much trouble will be quite obvious for all to see.
  • Long hair (more than shoulder length) must be tied. Hairclips should look nice and be the same color as your hair; alternatively you could use a hair band or a net.

On perfume: 

  • Using perfume correctly: Dab it in places such as your wrist, your inner elbow, or the nape of your neck. Never rub the perfume in, however, because that can break up the molecules.
  • The best time to apply perfume is immediately after a hot shower, when the pores of your skin are still open. If you do that, the scent will remain far longer. In addition, your skin must not be dry, so always apply some body lotion first. It is also important to use an unperfumed lotion that has no scent of its own; otherwise, the result might be quite an interesting, but possibly overpowering mixture. An alternative solution: make sure your body lotions fit in with your perfumes.
  • Just how much perfume you use will depend entirely on its characteristics. As a general rule, you must always start by using very little and then wait 15 minutes until it has started to take effect. Then you can always add a little more.

On Tights/Stocking:

  • Always have an identical spare pair of tights. Ladders can, of course, be repaired using transparent nail varnish and, with a little luck, stopped from growing. But the damage can still be seen, and you must put on a different pair as soon as possible.
  • You will be able to lengthen the life of your stockings or tights if you have well trimmed and smooth toenails. Long or split fingernails are not good for your stockings, either. And they can easily cause unsightly loose threads to appear.

On cleaning work clothes:

  • Leave [work clothes] out of doors for at least two days before wearing it again. This will give the fibers time to recover and your clothes will not wear out so quickly.
  • Trousers and skirts must be steam pressed regularly and always remember to press the trouser creases as well.
  • Remember to take your uniform to the dry cleaner’s regularly so that it can be cleaned in a really professional way
  • A blouse must be ironed when it is still damp. 

For the full Bible and men's work wear guide section, the full document is available for free download with the form below. 

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