I am back!

I am back!

As some of you may have noticed, and many of whom emailed me asking if I was alright (thank you!), I have gone missing for almost a year. Below is a quick Q&A on what I have been up to lately. I hope to be back soon in the future with another post, stay tuned :)

1. Where did you go?

For the past year, I have been taking time out to write my book "7 Different Blues" (7differentblues.com) which is a calming memoir in the form of 24 articles of what I have learnt that university didn't teach me. At the same time, I left Goldman Sachs in Sep-2017 due to family reasons and started to work on various projects that I have in the pipeline. 

While Next Speech has been acquired earlier this year, Cover Letter Library  (coverletterlibrary.net) community is still growing strong, a way for me to pass on to my college juniors successful examples of cover letters and interview experiences. The community now has over 430 members with over 160 cover letters and interview experience write-ups contributed. 

My full-time project at the moment is Vietnam Inbound (vietnaminbound.com), which is a travel tech company that enables independent travellers and travel agents to book tours and experience in Vietnam with ease. 

2. What is Vietnam Inbound?

My co-founder and I started this business while travelling in Vietnam when we encountered a problem: it is challenging, if not impossible, to find and book tours/things to do in Vietnam as a tourist unless you know Vietnamese. Moreover, none of the travel products or sites had instant confirmation. Vietnam Inbound is here to solve that, providing our customers with an extensive catalogue of Vietnam travel products, instant confirmation for the booking, with all content in English including English customer support.  I am working extremely hard every day to build this company because I am passionate about helping international friends seeing the best of Vietnam. At Vietnam Inbound we spend a lot of time and effort promoting more inbound tourism to Vietnam. All because I love my country and its marvellous natures: most beautiful beaches, mountains, desert, waterfalls and deltas, 7 UNESCO world heritage sites, friendly people and the best weather. 

Vietnam Inbound have gathered traction with both supply and demand, currently with a few hundred product live and more and live bookings/customers. If you have any friends who are travelling to Vietnam soon, don't forget to ask them to check us out at worldinbound.com. We ensure the Vietnam experience of each and every customer of ours is the fantastic one because I am proud and working hard to present them the best of my country.  

3. How does it feel like leaving your job?

Goldman always has a special place in my heart. I held my utmost respects for its people and their expertise. If I had the choice whether to choose it all over again, I still would. The company taught me so many things that the limit of this article cannot express. More of my learnings here could be found in my upcoming book "7 Different Blues"

4. What’s your book about?

"7 Different Blues" (https://7differentblues.com) aims to capture the life after higher education institutions and what I have learnt informally over the course of three years in the corporate world - the valuable lessons of which were never taught at university.

It is a text intended for those who are in the process of starting their career and life after university. From start to finish, I hope to provide readers with lessons to help one be savvier in their new adult life. However, it was by no means positioned as a self-help book but a calming memoir of learning. 

As I'm 24 now, there are 24 articles in the book. Table of content available at https://7differentblues.com, with 24 write-ups ranging from careers, life logistics to relationships. In these articles, I analysed many real-life situations in philosophical manners and with conclusive learning points. In essence, I do not try to preach you, nor do I try to act as if I am a know-it-all. (Therefore, it is not a self-help book). Instead, I hope to sincerely convey my thoughts based on my experiences. The topics covered in this book are essential because they walk you through several stages a successful launch of your career and new life, using the lessons that were never available to me in formal university education.

The book is available for pre-order at https://7differentblues.com. If the book achieves 500 pre-order by 15 January 2018, it'll be printed and shipped, otherwise, you will be promptly refunded in full. Please help me spread the words to achieve this goal and get the book published!

5. Will we hear from you soon?

Hopefully. World Inbound is my full-time project at the moment, but I aim to blog regularly again. Check other articles in this blog again as I have published some more write-ups last year that I didn't publish. If that's not enough, you can always pre-order my book to bing-read through the articles in one go!

Until then, take care, and I'll speak to you soon.


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