Life Gamification

"That's how you'll get the dolls", said my mom.

When I was a child, my family was too poor to buy us toys. My dad's business was struggling. My mom was juggling our resources to make ends meet. As a kid, I was unaware of this, of course. I just badly wanted those Barbie dolls. I often asked for them every time we passed by the store on the way to school, and my mom would shake her head in silence. She was sorry that she couldn't buy the toys I wanted, but she knew there was little point saying that. Instead, she thought of a difficult challenge to solve the situation.

Follow The Money

I had a call today with someone who's in her final year at university, coming to doing an internship with GS this summer, but also working on her start-up venture. She was offered £50,000 for 20% of her company (which is pre-revenue) and asked me what my thought was about the situation.

$100,000 and the price of freedom

A long while ago, when I was on the first date with the Senor, I was admittedly quite tipsy as I had been in my boss' BBQ gathering for the whole day earlier. His wife was an excellent and charming host who kept pouring us more and more wine throughout the day. By the night time, I did not remember how many bottles it has been. I recalled not much of that night apart from crashing my bed right after the dinner, and of him asking a question.
"What do you ultimately want in life?"

I am back!

As some of you may have noticed, and many of whom emailed me asking if I was alright (thank you!), I have gone missing for almost a year. Below is a quick Q&A on what I have been up to lately. I hope to be back soon in the future with another post, stay tuned :)

One hour at a time

“I don’t have enough time”, said I to the Señor when he asked why I didn’t exercise daily.

“Everyday I work until really late, average out 12-14 hours a day. Subtracting sleep time, I only have about 3 hours for myself every day”. I continued. “There are many things I wish to do with those three hours. I want to write, read and also spare some time to take care of myself.”

Yes and No

Growing up, I said "Yes" to everything that comes my way. Every opportunity, every offer, every introduction, every meeting, every invitation, every event, every employment, every phone call, every book, every school of thoughts, every request. This approach has taken me far. My life exposure, LinkedIn work profile as well as my liberality to the diversity of ideas to has significantly increased as a result. 

"This, too, shall pass" - A Brexit story

It was 4:32 am on Friday 24-June-2016 when Southampton has just declared for Leave. Although there were a few more counties to go, the result had now been apparent. The Prime Minister looked out through the bright glass window from his office, only to find the street behind 10 Downing Street busier than usual. Unlike an average day where only some joggers were in sight, the street was rather occupied with people and vehicles rushing toward the City of London for a work day that many would remember vividly.